RTD Dividend

* Note price at the time of calculation, profit is estimated that will be recieve a dividend from airDrop.The eth/usd prices referenced by coinmarketcap.com. At the date of diviend Prices may change based on the value of ETH that you receive.

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**Conditions for receiving dividend

♦ RTD investors who would like to receive dividend.If your RTD token was not currently in myetherwallet or be in trading market.Please note that investor must transfer RTD to Myetherwallet before dividend date to receive dividend every monday of the week at 12.00 (24hr GMT+7)

♦ If investor not following this agreement, RTD Team will take no responsibility in case of not receiving dividend.

Dividend in USD and THB

For those RTD investor who have 100,000 RTD or above you can should whether to receive dividend in USD or THB. By doing KYC, sent a copy of ID card or a copy of passport to support@robottrading.online

By law to receive cash dividends
♦ for thai citizen have to pay tax 10% per total dividend
♦ for foreigner have to pay tax 15% per total dividend.

♦ notice : investor who resident in Thailand RTD will send you tax document via Email and keep it in case of Revenue Department to check income and to prevent you to pay tax once again at the end of the year.

♦ Domestic transfer fee after tax deduction is FREE international transfer fee after tax deduction is 30 USD/ times SWIFT.

Report Dividend RTD

Table shown RTD dividend every week calculate by RTD investor percentage investor will receiving ETH.

Round Trade date Income from trading Dividend date Dividend Status ETH/USD ETH Dividend /1 RTD USD Dividend /1 RTD
  • Dividend already
  • Prepare a dividend

Graph shown dividend per RTD investor calculate by % / week / term

Report dividend

Dividend date Value of capital fund from fund-raising Value of dividend Value of accumulated dividends

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