Robot Trading

The first cryptocurrency that return dividend from investments to investors and the cryptocurrency that has value in itself

Robot trading be able to make profit easily because lowest cost of operation with certain trading system that able to make profit.

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Add Custom Token

Token Contract Address = 0x003ffefefbc4a6f34a62a3ca7b7937a880065bcb
Token Symol = RTD
Decimals = 18

RTD Dividend

Calculate price airDrop at 31/08 5:00pm

ETH Price 280 USD / 1 ETH

( RTD = 1 USD)

* Note price at the time of calculation, profit is estimated that will be recieve a dividend from airDrop.The eth/usd prices referenced by At the date of diviend Prices may change based on the value of ETH that you receive.

Calculate coin

If you have RTD, You will receive a dividend USD, calculate to ETH ~ ETH

Investment details table

Investment fund raising capital (Fund) thrugh an ICO 100%
Net profit percentage - 44%
Profit per RTD - 15.63%
Dividend RTD/1USD - 825 RTD/ 1 USD

1st Dividend Declaration date is 31 Aug 2018 amount 30% Next Dividend will be 28 Sep 2018 declared dividend 70% + profit of September 2018 In case of can not dividend in that month declared dividend amount will be add up to next month.

Dividend in August / 2018

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Top Reward in August / 2018


  • Declared dividend RTD impracticable

    3 Sep 2018

    According to declared dividend Robotcoins (RTD) on 30 Aug 2018, we did sent dividend to every RTD coin holders but unfortunately every transactions of ETH network was rejected and failed to dividend. Then, we attempt to dividend since 31 Aug 2018 till 2 Sep 2018. However, ETH network still rejects every transaction as can be seen and verify from the transaction link below.

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  • Dear all customers

    20 Aug 2018

    We would like to inform you a new address of RobotCoins, due to previous system not be able to operate some functions. The system neccessary to re-build also changed address to meet requirment but still remain the same name. Customers that bought robot coin ICO will be receive the same amount add to your address and previous coin will be burn and not be able to do anything, Customers have to add new custom token to your addess. Then, we will be able to transfer the same amount coin to your address.Yours sincerely

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  • RTD Coin Holder News

    15 Aug 2018

    We will be distributing the first prizes on August 31, 2018 and will distribute every month for RTD coin holders. You will receive a dividend of ethereum (eth). Dividend on the page. How many RTD coins do you have? How many dividends do you have? Thank you for being part of our stock.

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  • Dear all customers

    23 June 2018

    Previously robotcoins were to Declared dividend on 1st July 2018 via smart contact ethereum network (no airdrop). However, We have invented our own network system (Mainnet+mining). We have to transfer Robotcoins to our system Mainnet and this system will start to operate on August 2018. Also, this changed will allow you to earn Airdrop. We would like to make a new anouncement that we will dividend on 15 September 2018 under operation of our own Smart Contact Mainnet system.

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What is Robot Trading?

Robot trading is Automatic Trading System with Algorithm that can be exchange and invest in the stock exchange, Gold Exchange Traded Fund and Forex exchange automatically.Can make more profit than General trader.

What is RTD?

RTD will used instead of money to invest in the stock exchange, Gold Exchange Traded Fund and Forex exchange thus RTD is the world first's cryptocurrency coin that has a value in itself. The profits gains from investment will be dividend to RTD holder.whereas other some cryptocurrency scam money from investor and has 0 USD coin's value.

Why Robot Trading?


trading turnover for respective previous month will be available on website and mobile application (Coming soon)


Robot Trading under the direction of Next Generation Technology Co., LTD is located in Thailand and is governed by the laws of Thailand.

Low Cost

Robot Trading only use money as cost of operation from profit, Thus RTD is ICO lowest cost of operations

Quick Dividend

35% of profit dividend to robot coin holders. First round dividend on 31 August, 2018. (Only in case of profit)

Make Income

RTD holder will receive profit’s dividend monthly (Only in case of profit)


Self-trading Robot Trading (RTD)
Self-trading with low amount trade, trading fees will be charged same with high amount trade, which is high cost. Robot Trading (RTD) with massive amount trade, trading fees will be low and able to bargain with broker.
Self-trading has trade cost high and hard to make profit. Robot Trading (RTD) The cost of trading is lower, easier to make profit.
Self-trading takes time to monitor the trade all the time, wasting time. Robot Trading (RTD) Have a profitable trading system. Do not waste time watching the screen 24 hours a day.
Self-trading there is a chance to lose more than trading with Robot Trading. Robot Trading (RTD) There are more opportunities to make a profit than trading with your own trades.
Self-trading almost of them are trade only cryptocurrency because is easier than trade in the stock exchange, Gold Exchange Traded Fund and Forex exchange because hard to register and hard to understand also have a chance to loss. Robot Trading (RTD) be able to trade in the stock exchange, Gold Exchange Traded Fund and Forex exchange market.


RTD investment

♦ RTD gain profits from invested in the stock exchange, Gold Exchange Traded Fund and Forex exchange market by Robot Trading.
♦ RTD will be dividend monthly in case of gain profit.
♦ In case of tradind loss, monthly dividend will be suspend.

RTD Revenue share from profits distribute as

♦ 35% of profit dividend to RTD coin holder
♦ 30% of profit goes to Developer System
♦ 20% of profit goes to company expenses
♦ 10% of profit goes to increase value of RTD coin
♦ 5% of profit dividend to top 10 RTD coin holder (when RTD is already in cryptocurrency market)